My Craft

My Visionary Craft

I am a vessel. What comes through in a piece of artwork is a new creation here in the physical, having been birthed into this world from a place of mystery, potential, and spirit.

While in the process of making visionary art I feel I am opening a portal into the divine soul of God Herself. Taking a drink from her wells, the fiery waters below and the celestial waters above.  

In the altered state of making art an invisible spirit is flowing through me as the medium. This process is an act of creation, a calling to express aspects of the divine soul.

My technique is less important compared with my process of opening my heart to what desires to come through. Painting is my wordless song to the gods, a way of illustrating the landscapes of the mystery.

Visionaries, mystics, artists, poets, witches, and healers tap into this honeyed trance to bring the sexual life force of creation into our ‘garden of earthly delights.’ My purpose here is to do just that and share the ecstatic magic of weaving art, dreams, myth, nature, healing, shadows, witchcraft, deity, spirit, and anything else that desires to flow through my artist’s soul.

You can learn more about me and my spiritual work here