Art as a Visionary Practice

The artist’s body and mind are a vessel for the imagination to be seen. What comes through in a painting, pulled from a place of dark mirrors and potential, is a new creation, a being birthed into the physical world. While in the process of making art I feel as if I am opening a portal into the divine soul of life itself–a step closer to my truer self. 

In the altered state of making art an unseen energy is flowing through me as the medium and onto the canvas. It feels as if the images and beings I make are coming through me, not from me. The process is an act of creation, a divine calling to speak for the soul of God. Technique is less important compared to the process of opening my heart to what desires to come through. Painting is my wordless song to the Gods, landscapes of the mystery.

Visionaries, mystics, artists, poets, witches, and healers tap into this honeyed trance to bring the sexual life force of creation into our ‘garden of earthly delights.’ I am here to explore art, trance, altered states of consciousness, time, dreaming, myth, nature, prayer, meditation, witchcraft, deity, spirit, and anything else that flows through the soul of the artist.