How Being Raised Religious Has Enhanced My Mediumship: My Story

It almost seems counter intuitive that a belief system that condemns, sometimes to death, mediums and those who contact spirits outside of the authority of the Christian church, would play a part in my own mediumship journey.

This article is a long winded story of how I came into mediumship and the ways in which the religion of my childhood actually helped me tap into the belief patterns I needed in order to accept and embrace my mediumship abilities.

Please keep in mind this is just my personal experience and perspective.

Okay for the Church, not Okay for Everyone Else

Christianity, and especially the stories of the New Testament, run rampant with spirit work, miracles, divine energies, and angelic or demonic encounters…

All of these things fall into the realm of the medium, spirit worker, and/or healer (often called by various names, appearing in culturally specific manifestations). The issue here is that Christians believe, and I know because I grew up with this dogma, that anyone doing this work outside of the “name of Jesus” is just being deceived and is only contacting demonic or trickster spirits or presences, and will therefore be falsely led no matter what they hear or experience. No matter how benevolent, helpful, or positive an encounter with one’s God-Self or beyond may feel.

With a belief system this rigid it is hard to enter into any type of open discussion that would allow one following a strict Christian perspective to see spirit workers as doing anything other than something evil, demonic, or against the Bible (which has it’s own issues as a source for truth we won’t get into here). Belief creates very powerful constructs that become an extremely influential aspect of our experience as human beings.

We should recognize the complexity and multi-dimensional elements of our perceptions and the many different belief systems that feed into who we are. So when approaching spirits, through a Christian lens or otherwise, I feel, that just like human beings, spirits and deities are just as multifaceted so to place a uni-dimensional state, demonic/evil/benevolent and any other singular state of being on them seems rather limiting and unfair.

Supporting Mediumship Concepts in Christianity

Annunciation Leonardo da Vinci 1472–1475
Annunciation Leonardo da Vinci 1472–1475

An important aspect of the religious upbringing like the one I had was my exposure to parents and authorities who firmly believe in the Unseen–be that in the form of spirits, energies, or places. Miracles that Jesus performed were fact. Demons and Angels existed without debate. The human being could develop a spiritual relationship with the spirit of the Holy Trinity.

Besides connecting to Spirits, there is also the nature of reality in Christianity that allows one to believe in other realms (Heaven and Hell), other states of being (An afterlife) along with the existence of a soul. These beliefs are a part of my own views, however different they may look from Christianity’s version.

So I was raised on a mix of Fundamentalist, Pentecostal, and Evangelical Christianity with a heavy emphasis on demons, spirits, and unseen evil influences. For me, Christianity has many, many issues, things such as; the soul’s dependence on a literal savior, a patriarchal deity who requires unquestioning faith, false ideas of sexual purity as the highest ideal, and punishments such as eternal damnation in the hell realm of the underworld…And I could go on, but we get the idea.

Moving Beyond Fear

A book series myself and other little Christian kids (I think I was 10 or 11 years old at the time) were exposed to was the Left Behind series…a traumatizing tale of the Bible’s Book of Revelations detailing apocalyptic end times mythology where people suddenly disappear (along with their physical bodies) in a rapture into Heaven, leaving behind the Christians and others who didn’t “accept Jesus as their savior” exposing their shame in a chaotic dystopia on Earth.

Being a sensitive empathic little one, this series (books, videos, church group discussions), caused a lot of intense feelings of fear to take root deep in my developing psyche.

As mediumship is seen as wrong in Christianity, getting past the fear of doing it, was something I needed to untangle myself from. Something that has helped me do this, is recognizing the Christian constructs of belief I was programmed with that could actually help me along my own spiritual path.

My Path to Mediumship

My adventures into the Spiritualist religion and mediumship were intellectual at first. In my late teens and early twenties as psychic, ghostly, and other spirit contact started happening more frequently I was trying to navigate the meaning through books to gain a better understanding of what this all is. At that time, I read extensively about the afterlife, near-death experiences, the work of Edgar Cayce, researched past lives, and energy healing. Some of it resonated, some of it didn’t as could be expected.

Then recently, I started having insomnia and growing tension and anxieties in my physical body. I felt compelled to do something to address all of the energy and set better spiritual boundaries. I decided to join a psychic mediumship development circle to focus the psychic energy. This has been extremely helpful for me, it has also allowed me to be more attuned to my own particular gifts and the service that they have the potential to provide.

So despite years of sensing the dead, seeing things move across the room, intentionally communing with spirits, having visions, visiting mediums, reading about Spiritualism, and opening to my own ancestral connections — I never truly focused in on the work of development for accuracy like I am now.

The entire experience has brought up a lot of emotions, fears about my Christian upbringing against mediumship and women in particular, which in all honesty, I thought I had put to rest. As doing this mediumship work is something my soul is asking for, it has become clear that I needed to address my upbringing and reclaim the beliefs of my childhood for myself in order to move forward.

Demystifying Mediumship

So in conclusion, I think growing up with, and accepting from a young age the idea as fact that there is unseen activity taking place all around us, along with the belief that spirits and deity can communicate with humans has contributed greatly to my mediumship.

I don’t consider myself a Spiritualist, because my desire for external sovereignty prevents me from associating with religion at the moment, but I do appreciate my experience so far in joining the mediumship circle and meeting others who are also doing mediumship. I look forward to honing the skills and feel relieved to have answered a calling that was trying to get my attention for so long.

So Yes, Christianity has, however strangely, enhanced my mediumship ability, despite it’s terrorizing approach toward women who speak with the dead and perform other related functions; Healing, Thaumaturgy, Witchcraft, and Divination. So when people think it is spooky that mediums commune with the dead, just remember Christianity worships a Necromancer, the heart-centered Jesus Christ figure, who raised the dead and performed the miraculous.


  1. Your idea of Christianity is the concept of Trinitarian Christendom and not of the Biblical truth.
    Demons in Scripture mean illnesses and are not a sort of fallen angels. According to Scripture when a person dies his or her life ends. The person can do nothing anymore, because everything is finished for that person. It are the false teachings from the Catholics (Roman & Orthodox) and some protestants who brought people to believe their ‘spirit’ as another part of their body would go to heaven or in the worst case to a hell where there would be an eternal torture.


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