Soul Astrology

How can I help you?

Astrologer Mark Jones talks about beginning a reading by asking the question, “How can I help you?” as an important part of setting the stage for a reading to have therapeutic potential. Astrology offers much in the way of understanding the Self and one’s personality, but there is a transpersonal and soul dimension to explore in the chart that ties into the multifaceted layers of the human experience in all of its joys and all of its pain. This is why my readings tend to focus on Pluto and the North and South Nodes of the Moon for the purpose of illuminating the life path of our embodied soul. A reading can go into many different areas of life: love, relationships, family, spirituality, and career in order to understand the interwoven patterns and stories playing out at the heart of our being. Learn more about my process for chart reading here.

My astrology journey

I discovered my calling for astrology as a teenager, enchanted by the magic of the zodiac. I absorbed any and all astrology information I could get my hands on–and secretly as it wasn’t allowed in my upbringing. In 2014 I went to astrology school for two years while living in Portland, OR. This program and ongoing training provided me with the tools I needed to start my own practice. From there I started to give readings professionally and eventually moved into writing astrology content, both of which I am still doing today along with running my astrology website, Mystica Astrology since 2015. I don’t post over on that website anymore as what I am interested in sharing online has expanded into this site, Emerald Visions. But head on over and check out the content if you are interested in diving deeper into astrology. Astrology is certainly one of my passions and one of the tools I use to structure my worldview, understand myself and others, and meet the celestial powers above.