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Spirit Art – Spiritual Path Reading

30-Minute spiritual path reading using a spirit art drawing I will make during the session. Using the image along with messages from spirit I will read into your natural spiritual gifts, current energetic blocks, and your soul’s potential path. A digital pdf copy of the work will be sent by email after the reading — Sliding Scale $50-$75 Schedule

Spirit Art – Written Channeled Message and art

A digital pdf copy of a personalized original spirit art drawing with an accompanying written channeled message. This psychic reading will focus on the current vibrations that are around you with clarifying spiritual guidance for you from Spirit. Delivered by email as a pdf — Sliding Scale $25-$50 Place order

Spirit art – Plant Spirit Art Reading

20-Minute psychic spirit art reading investigating what plant spirits are around you and the spiritual medicine and messages they have for you at this time. Spirit art drawing will be created during the reading along with a brief write up of the session, which I will send to you as a PDF by email following the reading — Sliding Scale $40-$50 Schedule

Spirit Art – Lessons

Multi-session one-on-one instruction in psychic mediumship spirit art development. Learn the different techniques for accessing the spirit realm for making your own spirit art. We will work on connecting you with your spirit guides to assist in making the art, your mediumship process, and your clairvoyant abilities. Please have your own art materials (art notebook and a set of either colored pencils, oil pastels, or chalk pastels). A commitment of at least 3 sessions is needed. Start by scheduling your first session and follow-up dates can be discussed after that. Sessions will run 1 hour long. $60 per session Schedule

Guidance For Your craft

1-Hour witchy brainstorm session where we can work through clarifying and refining your witchcraft or spiritual practices. We can talk about something specific related to your spiritual path or just comb through the tangles that come with this type of spiritual work. We can discuss rituals, daily devotion, ancestors, deity work, spellcraft, mediumship, divination, and more based on your interests and goals. $60 Schedule

Astrology – Soul Astrology Reading

1-Hour intuitive astrology reading to explore the soul of your birth chart. We will be looking at your Lunar Nodes, Pluto, and other planetary placements that speak to the spiritual meaning and purpose of your journey โ€” Sliding Scale $60-$120 Schedule

Things to know:

Readings are done over Zoom. A meeting link will be sent to your email once you’ve booked your appointment

Sliding scale payment can be sent to Venmo @raphael-zahavah at least 24 hours prior to the appointment. If you don’t use Venmo, please let me know on the booking form and I can send you a payment link through the Stripe payment system with your chosen sliding scale amount

I strive to create a sacred reading space in which you feel safe, affirmed, and validated. I understand sacred and safe spaces to mean centering the values of inclusion, social justice, and accessibility

I will work with you to make my services accessible based on your needs

General disclaimers: Readings are for entertainment only. Readings should not be used in place of medical or professional advice. Readings, spiritual guidance sessions, and mediumship lessons are not a substitute for professional medical, mental health care, or counseling.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me using the form below if you have any questions about booking