Spiritual Services

Astrology, Tarot, Art

Choose a reading…Booking instructions below

Astrology reading

1 hour intuitive astrology reading to dive into the soul of your birth chart. We will be looking at the Nodes of the Moon, Pluto, and other placements that speak to the spiritual meaning and purpose of your journey within the web of the divine. — Sliding Scale $50-$100

Tarot reading

30 minute psychic tarot reading answering 3 of your questions with 3 cards pulled per question or just a general reading of 9 cards, with a focus on the spiritual and current underlying energies. — Sliding Scale $20-$40

Spiritual Assessment

3o minute spiritual assessment through a spirit art drawing I will make during the session. Using the image I will read into your natural spiritual gifts, any current energetic blocks, and your soul’s potential path. A digital pdf copy of the work will be sent by email after the reading– Sliding Scale $30-$50

To Book:

Email me at raphael.zahavah@gmail.com. Include the type of service you would like to book. Please allow 24-48 hours for me to get back to you with a response, from there we will schedule a time, birth details for an astrology reading, sliding scale payment, and any other questions you may have.

Things to know:

Readings are done over Zoom, I will send an invite after we confirm a date and time over email

A Paypal invoice will be sent to your email prior to your reading. Please pay ahead of time. Sliding scale available and can be discussed when scheduling your booking

General disclaimers: Readings are for entertainment only. Readings should not be used in place of medical or professional advice. Readings are not a substitute for professional mental health care or counseling.

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