Ritual Artwork

Get custom artwork, a portal into the spirit realms

What is ritual artwork?

Ritual artwork is a way for you to engage with the spirit realm using visual art. I make custom artworks based on the spirits that are around you, allowing you to meet with one being who will emerge with messages of potential spirit medicine for your practice and soul’s journey. My creative process is guided by the spirits of your inner landscapes to bring through an image of a being to aid in supporting you in reflecting on aspects of your subtle, spiritual, and eternal essence. 

How to work with your ritual art?

One of the best ways to access the medicine of the being in your personalized painting is to engage in ritual work with the image. In this way, you can use it as a meditative tool to focus in on the deeper messages held within the being present in the work. This can put you in touch with parts of yourself that have been hiding, shadows, spiritual gifts, and other potential insights.

The way you choose to enter into ritual with your artwork will of course be individual to your preferences. But I am happy to provide you with suggestions and tips for deepening your connection to image. 

How to Order

Start with a $50 consultation appointment, which includes a psychic reading, to see if you want to proceed with the final artwork

  1. To set up a consultation click the ‘Book Consultation Appointment’ button below and follow the booking steps.
  2. The 25-30 minute meeting will consist of a discussion and a psychic reading so I can connect with the beings around you, take notes, and make some sketches. 
  3. Payment for a consultation is $50. I will send you a payment link using Stripe a few days prior to our meeting. Please submit payment before our meeting. 
  4. If after the consultation you decide you don’t want to proceed with the final artwork, no problem! I am happy to send you any notes or sketches from the consultation.
  5. If you do decide to proceed, then I will begin work on your piece! Please allow a few weeks to a month for the work to be completed after our initial meeting as I allow things to unfold naturally. I will then ship your artwork to you. I am currently only shipping within the US. Pricing for artwork listed below.
  6. If you have any questions, you can contact me here.

Artwork Specs:

Artwork is made with acrylic paint on a 16 by 20 inch stretched canvas. Explore the Gallery!


Sliding scale price from $200 to $1,000 billed through Stripe (not including shipping, currently only shipping within the US at this time) 

“One with the stars, Raphael is extremely insightful from start to finish. Throughout the session you just know it was meant to be. She gets straight to the meat & potatoes then serves it up fresh with a hint of magic leaves you feeling fulfilled but wanting more, that’s where her true art comes to form from who knows where to paper to life feast your eyes on something magical to leave you satisfied to hold you over until next time because now you’re hooked.”